Welcome to Missing Link Home Services Ltd.

Our mission is to accept referrals for assistance, for individuals who might not be accepted by mainstream services. There is a demographic in the helping industry that is not being serviced, and to whom services are not being offered, or refused. Many maid services will not accept this work, or will stop services to consumers with addictions, behavioural issues or mental health illnesses. They may also refuse to service homes in really unkempt environments or specific neighbourhoods, in addition to certain types of housing, like rooming houses.

Missing Link is able to:

  • House Keeping
  • Home-care Services
  • Support Services for individuals with PDD

We contract with:

  • WCB
  • Alberta Health Services
  • Persons with Development Disabilities
  • Past payments with: AISH, Property Managment, and Individuals.

Let Us Help You

  • Need preps for any type of fumigation?
  • Need help with specialized cleaning?
  • On the verge of eviction?

We can help with de-cluttering, removal of items and cleaning services.

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